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The best way of doing things is when you are together, that's our way of doing things and that is why GeneXus all documentation is in a Wiki. A wiki is a tool that allows anyone to edit the content of the page you are viewing (like Wikipedia), so is the community itself to help improve the documentation of GeneXus, adding all kinds of help that makes this a indispensable resource when using the tool.

GeneXus Training is the training portal that hosts fully resources for the Community, with a strong orientation towards the self-study. In addition to schedules and certification courses in the world GeneXus portal training videos can be found in the study classified into three types: Overview, Tutorial and How to.

GeneXus Marketplace
GeneXus Community where you can find all those products that complement their development, whether User Controls, Extensions, Patterns, User Controls, External Objects, as well as additional third-party tools.

The GeneXus Community joins StackOverflow, the site that is world leader in Q&A, with intelligent questions and answers aimed at increasing the synergy with the community of software developers worldwide.

GeneXus Open
A place to create better applications together. Here, we develop open-source software in a collaborative manner.

GXtechnical Support
GXtechnical is the portal with technical information and resources for GeneXus developers. Here you will find downloads to the latest GeneXus products and tools, technical information, forums, as well as information on how to access the support services offered by GeneXus and its partners.

Beta Testers
Given the fact that we are surrounded by a constantly changing technological world, GeneXus is committed to its constant evolution as it releases new versions, generators, products, etc. In this sense it has designed a beta testers program to which you may subscribe and thus participate in the birth and development of its new technologies.

GeneXus users make up a large community all over the world and usually form regional groups called GeneXus Users Groups (GUG), where they take advantage of this great synergy to arrange meetings, training, and even social activities.

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